Ready for a run

Ready for a run

 Northern Waters NH Whitewater Rafting Center


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Located at 29 Upton Road,  Errol, New Hampshire  Northern Waters Rafting is set on the Androscoggin River. In the immediate vicinity are remote interconnecting rivers and lakes, offering the most fun filled white water rafting run in New Hampshire.

Our center offers Whitewater Rafting Trips as well as canoe and touring kayak rentals, equipment rental, tent campground, shower and recreation hall. A motel, restaurant and store are nearby. It is close to North Conway, N.H.,Bethel, Me. and Rangeley, Me, Whitefield, NH., Jefferson, NH

This is the place to come and go whitewater rafting in New Hampshire a pristine, uncrowded setting on the Androscoggin river with excellent fishing and camping. 

It is an easy Drive from Rangeley and Bethel, Maine as well as  Jefferson NH, Whitefield, NH, Bretton Woods, NH, Glenn, NH, North Conway, NH, Colebrook, NH, Gorham, NH. Come have fun Rafting in NH. 

For  programs In Errol other than NH white water rafting: canoeing, kayaking, camping, at Northern Waters go to  www.beoutside.com and for Saco River Canoeing www.sacobound.com 



Northern Waters offers  Strong Class II New Hampshire whitewater rafting trips on the Androscoggin River in Errol .

This is a fun level of rafting appropriate for younger ages from 7 years old (60 lbs. min.) to those seeking a fun filled day of whitewater. The river is beautiful and many opportunities arise in the form of scenic beauty, wildlife and a lot of excitement. These are day trips. A guide will be along on all trips

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Whitewater Rafting history at Northern Waters New England’s oldest Whitewater Rafting Co. And Kayak School


In 1972 Northern Waters was born, a white water Outpost of Saco Bound inc. a Saco River Canoe company in Conway, New Hampshire which also was the first commercial whitewater rafting company in New England running trips on the upper Saco River during Spring run off in 1972. 

Northern Waters in the early days concentrated on a White Water kayak school, one of the first kayak schools in the country and canoe trips on the Androscogin River and the Magalloway River in Maine. 

During this time Saco Bound/Northern Waters partnered in forming Downeast Rafting Co. running Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Kennebec River and the Penobscot  River in Maine. Later trips were expanded to running White water rafting trips on the Dead River in Maine. 

In the Early 1980′s Northern Waters staff made the 1st descent of the Rapid River in Maine in a commercial raft. Since Northern Waters, Saco Bound and Downeast Whitewater  were the same ownership, the 1st Commercial white water Rafting trips on the Rapid River in Maine was added. Staff from Northern Waters and Downeast Rafting ran these trips. 

In 1999 Downeast Rafting was sold and its owners formed Rapid River Rafting Co. which with Northern Waters ran trips on the Rapid River and Magalloway rivers in Maine. 

Since 2005 Northern Waters has been concentrating on white water Rafting trips on the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire